Track Your Advertising

AdTrax, powered by The Synergy Group, has developed an Advertising Tracking Platform for businesses’ wanting to succeed in the 21st century

  • Do you know if your advertising is really working?
  • Are people really seeing your message?
  • Are you wasting money in some areas?

AdTrax can literally tell you what sections of a newspaper perform better for your market or what billboards are most effective. You can actually see potential customers respond to your advertising offers in real time… The AdTrax platform will collect data on potential customers and monitor the effectiveness of ALL forms of advertising.

Radio • Television • Print • Web • Billboard • Direct Mail

Detailed spreadsheets can be viewed and printed in real-time to fine tune every single campaign you have. With AdTrax you can monitor the performance of all of your advertising campaigns. No matter how many you have.


Don't rely on the roll of the dice with your Advertising Budget!