Direct Mail Marketing

The Synergy Group uses custom designed direct mail campaigns to reach the target market YOU CHOOSE.


Any company can put a letter in a mailbox. Today’s consumer has little patience with double talk and gimmicks but most of all…they hate junk mail. You must allow the customer access to your offer using every tool available to maximize results. You will be able to see real time feedback from potential customers through the use of custom URLs, PURLs, Text and QR codes.


The success or failure of a campaign will often hinge upon the timely delivery of the mail. We will never put your business, and our reputation, at jeopardy over late mail.

Reaching Out

The Synergy Group can offer you state of the art PURLs using the individual name of each recipient from the manifest to peak curiosity and maximize lead generation. We invite the recipient to visit a Personal URL to capture information and provide motivation in the form of a specific offer. (Example: www.JohnSmith.Purl.TV) The sites can gather as much or as little information as you would like. They can also contain surveys as well as instant satellite directions to your place of business.


Enhance your campaign with our professional call center to handle all in-bound and out-bound calls. Once the recipient initiates contact through your dealerships URL, or the toll free number, the call center is working for you. Each recipient is issued a personal identification number. This PIN identifies all pertinent information to the call center. There is no need for a customer interrogation. The call center will keep you updated as to all appointments set and offer immediate assistance to the respondents questions. This allows your receptionist to handle your day to day business without being overwhelmed.


The AdTrax back-office platform will allow you to monitor, in real time, the response and information gathered on each recipient that uses their personal URL. You will have complete access to all leads generated from your campaign. Your back-office access will also give you the ability to print highly detailed excel spread sheets that can be downloaded to you customer management platform.

There are no short cuts with any Synergy Group marketing campaign. A program director or event coordinator can be added to any direct marketing campaign to ensure traffic control and sales objectives. The only limit to your next direct mail your imagination.


Contact us today to design your next turn-key sales campaign.


Take Aim and Fire

The Synergy Group specializes in turn-key high impact hosted and non-hosted direct mail events.